My Life as an Exchange Student in SWEDEN

Hej, Finally I will mention in last part about my Sweden experience in my blogsite. In Sweden I have lived only five and half months but it was funny and instructive. At the first time , I asked yourself that what I can do in Sweden in strict sense. I couldn’t have given response about which option to choose. Because I was trying to adopt the country,city and people. My university started in September and there was new teacher and also new friends. I think,I need to say clearly that couldn't get used to speak English in daily life when the first time I went to Sweden. So that reason I couldn’t communicate exactly with my course group friends. It was all hard for me and group friends due to the differences. Further Swedish University education system is very hard and in courses contain of lectures seminars, company visits, project meetings ,preparation of the project and assignments. But I did my best working to pass on courses. At the end of the university period I have passed courses. It can be a difficult period of study for me but I must say that was very good experience for my business life. 

   Despite hard studying period ,I visited many places in Sweden. The thing I can obviously say that it was funny, informative and different experience. If you want to know cities or country, you must go there yourself. I have done it successfully. In Sweden,I have been in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Växjö, Älmhult, Huskvarna, Kosta, Oskarshamn, Nybro…

Stockholm is capital city of Sweden and the largest city. But Many people say that Stockholm is the capital of Scandinavia. One day you come here ,you will agree with me about this situation. There are a lot of attractions in Stockholm. My advice to you, you should go there in the before Christmas. Because there are lights everywhere in this season for Christmas. Although there are cold winter night,  people is shopping in Christmas market and sitting in Cafes in order to meet with their friends or relatives. The Stockholm on a cold night, I tasted hot glögg (kind of traditional spicy hot drink) with my friends and it was tasty. You can find this taste only in Scandinavia. Some of the places to be visited are The Royal Palace (Palace is still being used by the Swedish royal family), Vasa museum (historical giant wooden ship), Gamla Stan (historical part of the city and meaning old town in Swedish). The best option in the city on Friday nights, you should definitely join to taco party in cafes.

Gamla Stan (Stockholm)
Vasa Museum (Stockholm)

Other than in Stockholm, I have been in two other major cities in Sweden. These cities are Gothenburg and Malmö. Also these cities was close places that I have lived. So I can have gone some places easily whenever I want. If I try to write all the memories in Sweden ,I can not do it. Unfortunately I need to keep telling short.

Växjö Train Station

Malmö City Central Square

Malmö City Central Square

Barken Viking Ship and Skanska House (Gothenburg)
Gothenburg City Center
As a result, in Sweden I have lived a long life, I made a lot of friends. Maybe I learned a little bit of a foreign language. Most important of all was a very nice moments. In my opinion, I consider that ​erasmus in Sweden paved the way for being more open minded and learning new things.

Thank you to everyone...

Vi ses , Hej då...

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  1. It's very nice to read them.I really wanted to be there while reading.Thank you for sharing your experiences with us :)

  2. What a nice experience... Also, reading your experience is very fun :) I also want to improve my english, so, reading this post was good for me. Thank you :)

    1. You are welcome. I have tried to write simple English so that everyone can understand. I am glad you liked this article. :)


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